What About Dog Probiotics?


Live organisms as deemed by the DFM (also known as Direct Fed Microorganisms) are probiotics, a ‘living organism with a good attitude’. That’s the laymen term definition. These probiotics were being administered orally; then it can also be fluid. The positive result from using Probiotics show results in the enteral flora, dogs’ intestines, which is actually where many alternative bacterium types hang out and live. read top article!

So how do dog probiotics really help your pet? Well, your canine can gain in about 3 major ways we know of, believably more. Here are a few of those ways your dog can really benefit.

The probiotics for all dogs can super charge the immune system and increases the antibody levels. This will help your dog’s activity stay high and the white blood count as well.

The intake of really good bacterium which really provides for easy absorb able intake. Basically, it brings out the nutrients in the food your dog devours and helps stomach the food much easier.

Another benefit keeping your dog free from bad bacteria like Salmonella and Escherichia col. is that you want your dog’s large bowel area to be colonized by good bacteria, which simply leaves no room for these bad types to occupy the area. Let’s get technical and use the scientific nomenclature called intestinal flora which forms an instinctive protective barrier and this is a great probiotic perk.

We have included just a few examples for probiotics food for your dog, this is not a full list by any means, nor is it in “our pick” order. But this short listing will give you some ideas of what to look for and how to shop around.

Total-biotics for your dog – Total-biotics contains different strains of sound bacterium as well as prebiotics and glutamine. It is sold as a dry powder which is easy to use.

Ultra-probiotic powder for your pet – A little teaspoon a day does it with this product. It gives good yeast and bacteria strains and drives out the bad bacteria from your pet. visit us on http://www.zionanimallovers.org/dogs-probiotics-good-health/

We know this is just a few choices but it gives you a good reference point on what to look for. Shop around and look on line at reviews. We know that you can decide best for what should be the probiotic that will work for your dog. You may want to check with your bet before giving your dog any particular probiotic supplement.

dogNature’s way of Daily MSE or the (Multiple type of Stabilized Enzymes) is a company with a total plan to help your dog’s digestive system. Also sold as a dry powder that contains numerous strains of yeast, fungi and bacteria. Also try protease, amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulose, maltase, glucose, and phytase. There are all good items for your dog vitamins.

Fasttrack Canine Microbial Supplement for your pet. You can sprinkle this product over dry or wet dog food and what it does is helps the digestive system of your dog. All the bacteria aforementioned will be minimized and reduced. Also, no side effects at all were noted with this product, but if your dog is lactose intolerant, this product may be too high for them.

Want to find out more about Dog Probiotics?  Then visit Misty Rowe’s site on how to choose the best Probiotic Foods for your dog’s needs.

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