Dogs, Probiotics and Good Health


Promoting the good bacteria and good health are two very good reasons why we should give dogs probiotics. Dogs are excellent at getting into the garbage or finding food in places where we wish they wouldn’t. Their digestive systems are constantly working overtime at dealing with the bad food they eat.

What else happens when they eat bad food? Their immune systems can break down due to the bad bacteria and other unmentionable things that were growing on the food they ate. Of course, they could also have allergies which affects both their immune and their digestive systems so that is a double whammy.

Is it still the best idea to provide your dogs probiotics? The probiotics are the microorganisms which are found in our bodies naturally. They are always battling those bad bacteria in keeping the digestive systems and immune systems healthy as possible.

We don’t like it when we or our kids are sick, let alone when our pets are not feeling too great either. We want to give them best nutrition and diet to keep them as healthy as possible. Giving dog’s probiotics can certainly increase the number of good bacteria within their bodies to keep the battle against the bad bacteria on a winning streak.

The Benefits

Just about anything that will benefit your dog’s health should be considered. Of course, there are limitations and everything should be done in moderation. Your dog is more than just a dog—he’s part of the family. Give your pet the best dog vitamins. What benefits will the family pet receive?

  • Reduction in bad breath
  • Improvement in overall general smell
  • Counteracts negative side effects of antibiotics
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Reduction in excessive gas
  • Reduction in diarrhea and constipation
  • Yeast and skin problems controlled

Products Available

Taste may certainly be one aspect of the decision as to which is the best to give your dog. However, remember that the type of strain and how stable that strain is, is what’s really important. You can choose from tablets/capsules or powders and many of them are vegetarian; and, of course, they are all completely natural. The following products are not in any particular order and they are only suggestions:

dogsIf a tablet is better for our furry friend, you may like MiracleZyme Plus probiotics. This product contains 11 different strains of probiotics; it also includes prebiotics and 14 vegetarian enzymes. The strains are very stable and are excellent at battling various yeast issues, odors, and low energy levels.

By being educated about what products are available and the ingredients within them, you can help keep your dog healthy on the inside out. Giving dog’s probiotics is definitely a good for their overall health. see additional tips from

A Heads Up

Giving dog’s probiotics is a very good thing but not all probiotics are the same. It is very important to understand the differences so you know that you are giving the best possible supplement to the family pet. What should you know?

You want to choose a quality strain(s) of probiotics. The strain(s) should be stable so that they will survive from the manufacturer until they enter your dog’s tummy. A stable strain will typically be one that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. It’s still the best idea to select one which also had a prebiotics which stimulate the activity or growth of bacteria.

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